Networking is the ultimate way to increase business. DEA members from many different businesses and professions meet weekly for lunch at the prestigious Club Atwater to exchange leads, information and ideas. After more than 45 years of networking, DEA has established an enviable pattern of success.

DEA is a networking association made up of members in non-competitive categories, dedicated to improving the opportunities for each member. DEA members and/or guest speakers are invited to address members at the lunches regarding their business and/or relevant business issues of the times.

DEA Membership List

Each week, our members meet in order to present their businesses and exchange quality referrals. DEA Montreal meets every Thursday during lunch, at Montreal’s Club Atwater. To view our complete membership list, click on the button to the right.

What the DEA could do for you?

  • Increase your Business

    Imagine meeting more than 30 well-established business professional on a weekly basis. Now imagine if these individuals represent your business to their clients and contacts. More than 30 business professionals working on your behalf to establish credibility and increase sales.
  • Expand your Network

    Each and every week, members invite guests from various industries to DEA's regular lunch meetings. All of our members will have the opportunity to meet and greet new business professionals on a weekly basis, therefore expanding their business network by attending the regular meetings.
  • Be more productive in less time

    Establishing a one-on-one relationship with a business professional is a powerful tool. Often, referrals obtained through this relationship has a greater potential of value of resulting in a closed deal. By investing in business relationships, you will be investing in increased productivity.
  • I joined the DEA 10 years ago and have been satisfied ever since.  The association is not only a good source of clients but is a venue where you can avail yourself of the services of your fellow members.
    William P. Tetley, William P. Tetley, attorney - avocat
  • DEA membership has had many benefits for me. Over the years numerous members have used my services, which more than paid my club dues. I have also been able to use the services of many members which saved me much time and effort.
    Paul Lapierre, Colliers International
  • Having been a member of DEA for over ten years, I can say that I have relied on multiple members for their unbeatable service. I can endorse DEA as a reliable source for referrals to prospective business as well.
    Jim Wyant, Wyant & Company Inc.
  • As a 19 year member of the DEA, I have benefited from many thousands of dollars in business from fellow members and have equally saved significantly from employing the services of my professional colleagues.
    Tom Merson, Tom Merson Consultant
  • After being a member for several years, I can safely state that the referrals I have received were of high quality; moreover, the professional relationships are invaluable.
    Linda Tosini, Multi-Prêts Hypothèques
  • I have been a member of DEA for more than 20 years. That fact alone speaks well of it. During that time DEA members and their associates have come to us to attend to their needs in the areas of the notarial practice. Membership in DEA has expanded the range of my practice, and has produced as well many new friendships that have proven to be dear and enduring.
    Bruce Moidel, Bruce Moidel & Assoc.

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Membership at the DEA

Membership is open to one member (and an alternate) from enterprises that are not in direct competition with each other. While many categories of the DEA are already filled, there ware still some that remain available. For further information, please call DEA President William Tetley at 514.875.0805, or Lyne Gagnon at 514-453-1661